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Kate Robertson

Chiko Rolls have been an iconic Aussie snack for over 70 years. 

However, the recent creation of the ‘Loaded Chiko Roll’ has seen them evolve from a simple takeaway treat sold at takeaway shops to the ultimate solution for your customers’ snacky cravings that can be featured on the menus of trendy cafes and

appeals to a new generation of Chiko Roll enthusiasts.

It was 1950 when Bendigo boilermaker Frank McEncroe created a meat and vegetable snack in a crispy outer pastry that made it easy to eat with one hand.

He dubbed his invention the 'Chiko Roll'

and soon his self-contained savoury snack became as synonymous with Australia as a day out at the beach and an icy-cold bottle of Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

Frank’s culinary creation was inspired by Chinese-style chop suey rolls, so no doubt he’d be impressed by Chiko Rolls’ latest incarnation, which draws heavily on the popularity of loaded fries.

Loaded Chikos  provide a mouthwatering experience

that is delicious and super convenient, with the crispy roll slathered in toppings including mayonnaise, diced bacon, jalapenos, tomato, coriander, and avocado, and served with a side of chips.

Loaded Chiko Rolls are just one example of how a classic snack can be transformed

to cater to a new generation or reengage traditionalists. For more inspiration on how to use Simplot Foodservice products to create new comfort food classics, check out our extensive recipe collection online. 

Loaded Chiko Roll

Serves 10


10 x frozen Chiko Rolls   
100ml chipotle mayonnaise
400g cooked diced bacon
200g drained pickled jalapenos
500g deseeded chopped tomatoes
20g chopped coriander
250g frozen Edgell Chunky Avocado Pulp, thawed
1.5kg frozen Edgell Supa Crunch 10mm Ultrafast Chips   


1. Cook frozen Chiko Rolls following packet directions.
2. Drizzle with chipotle and top with remaining toppings.
3. Cook frozen Edgell Chips following packet directions. Serve with loaded Chiko.


Chiko Roll
Chiko Roll
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