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Kate Robertson

Behind every great dining experience is a team that understands the importance of great time management and strategies to reduce waste without compromising on food quality and taste.
From streamlining your kitchen layout to utilising shelf-stable products and upskilling your team...

Here are some tips and tricks to increase the efficiency of your kitchen...

so you can focus your energies on creating delicious meals that attract and retain satisfied customers.

1. Streamline your kitchen

Take a strategic look at your kitchen layout to see if the flow of ingredients and cooking processes could be more ergonomic and efficient to save precious time during service.

Review your inventory management system to make sure you can track your stock and usage of ingredients as well as monitor expiration dates. You need to be able to identify any slow-moving or overstocked items and take steps to use them before they are past their expiry dates.

2. Review your menu

Regularly optimise your menu to maximise cost-effective ingredients that can be used to create higher profit meals.

By creating dishes that require different cooking times, and use common ingredients, you can also streamline prep work, reduce the risk of running out of essential ingredients, minimise food waste and simplify your inventory.

3. Use frozen and shelf-stable products

The extended shelf life of these products allows for better inventory management.

They are often lower cost per unit compared to fresh ingredients, with additional savings possible through buying in bulk. Pre-cut, pre-portioned ingredients can also cut time and labour costs on tasks such as chopping, peeling, or preparing sauces from scratch.

4. Reduce waste

Consider additional staff training on proper portioning and the creative use of leftover ingredients in daily specials, in new menu items, or for staff meals.

Composting or recycling programs can also minimise your kitchen’s environmental impact whilst reducing waste disposal costs.

5. Train and empower your team

Motivating and training your staff to ensure they have the skills and knowledge required to perform their tasks efficiently can’t start and end with their induction.

Training and fostering teamwork is an ongoing process that can reap many rewards, including encouraging insightful feedback on ways to improve efficiency and the customer experience.

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